Results for BonoLoto

  • Tuesday 31 July 2018
    Winning Numbers
    1 2 8 20 22 48 40 5
    Results Prize Per Winner
    Match 6 €400,000.00
    Match 5 €69,958.30
    Match 5 €804.12
    Match 4 €24.66
    Match 3 €4.00


Due to its six draws weekly, Bonoloto’s jackpot grows substantially, starting at €400,000. Although six numbers will need to be matched from a selection of 1 - 49, a seventh additional number will be drawn as well. This seventh number is known locally as the "Complimentario" and is used to make up the 5 + 1 winning category. Four main prize tiers will be made available for the benefit of each player and an additional bonus number will be selected from a range of 1 - 9, which will be drawn separately.

The Reintegro is a randomly assigned to the ticket at random. Players need not despair if none of the main numbers has a hit, as you will be eligible for a full refund if the ticket matches the Reintegro.

Updates of the BonoLoto results will be made available on Lottotime after each draw.


All six numbers will be required to match the main numbers in order to win the jackpot, whereas just three correct numbers will need to be produced in order to win the minimum prize. Funds collected for the allocation of prizes will be distributed across five tiers. Equal distribution will be spread across a category consisting of more than one winner.

Rollovers will take effect in the event of a draw producing no jackpot winners, and will be added to the fund of the following draw.

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