Results for EuroJackpot

  • Friday 27 July 2018
    Winning Numbers
    2 22 40 43 50 3 8
    Results Prize Per Winner
    Match 5 and 2 €10,000,000.00
    Match 5 and 1 €1,555,928.40
    Match 5 and 0 €91,525.20
    Match 4 and 2 €5,084.70
    Match 4 and 1 €315.00
    Match 4 and 0 €155.80
    Match 3 and 2 €61.20
    Match 2 and 2 €20.20
    Match 3 and 1 €18.70
    Match 3 and 0 €20.20
    Match 1 and 2 €8.50
    Match 2 and 1 €8.50


16 nations are now united in the game of Eurojackpot, and with no surprise when it’s known globally as one of the world’s biggest lottery games.

A set jackpot cap of €90 million for Eurojackpot means that the jackpot will not extend beyond this value. This highest possible value has occurred only once since its inception. On 15th May 2015, 1 lottery winner from the Czech Republic took home the full prize and was the sole beneficiary to the jackpot cap.

Eurojackpot draws take place once a week every Friday night at 21:00 CET. Stay in-tune with the latest results with Lottotime where new updates will be available after each draw.


Made up of 7 numbers of the draw, 5 regular balls are chosen from the numbers 1 to 50 and the two special Euro Balls which are chosen from the numbers 1 to 10. Matching all of the balls earns you the jackpot. Matching two numbers correctly will win you the minimum prize from its 11 other smaller tiers.

The top prize starts from a minimum value of €10 million and will continue to rollover if it is not won, increasing to a maximum value of €90,000,000. Once €90 million is reached, the prize money will be distributed between the second place winners.

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