Results for EuroMillions

  • Tuesday 31 July 2018
    Winning Numbers
    20 25 34 42 45 6 11
    Results Prize Per Winner
    Match 5 and 2 €56,774,958.00
    Match 5 and 1 €278,540.00
    Match 5 and 0 €97,313.00
    Match 4 and 2 €5,010.00
    Match 4 and 1 €210.00
    Match 3 and 2 €76.00
    Match 4 and 0 €129.00
    Match 2 and 2 €18.00
    Match 3 and 1 €23.00
    Match 3 and 0 €14.00
    Match 1 and 2 €12.00
    Match 2 and 1 €9.00
    Match 2 and 0 €5.00


Arguably one of the most popular of the international lotto games, the Euromillions game’s illustrious record of previous jackpot winners pretty much speaks for itself. One needn’t search any further for evidence thereof than the whopping pay-out during mid-year of 2011.

The record for the largest jackpot win with a staggering pay-out just short of £162 million - when one lucky player won £161.7 million on the 12th July, 2011.

Draws take place at 8:45pm every Tuesday and Friday in Paris, France, so be sure to stay connected to Lottotime for new updates after every draw.


With overall odds of winning a prize over a total of 13 tiers at only 1 in 13, it’s very little wonder why Euromillions stands head and shoulders above most of its counterpart rivals.

Matching just two numbers or more will earn you a prize, whereas the jackpot prize will mean matching all five main numbers as well as the two Lucky Star numbers. The size of each prize will vary depending on the number of winners in every tier and of course, ticket sales

As with all lottery games, if a draw results in no winners, the rollover will continue over to the very next draw. Rollovers are capped to a maximum of two draws if the jackpot reaches €90 million.

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