Results for German Lotto

  • Saturday 28 July 2018
    Winning Numbers
    7 11 31 34 35 36 1
    Results Prize Per Winner
    Match 6 and 1 €4,000,000.00
    Match 6 and 0 €1,569,441.40
    Match 5 and 1 €13,767.00
    Match 5 and 0 €4,884.10
    Match 4 and 1 €240.40
    Match 4 and 0 €44.10
    Match 3 and 1 €26.10
    Match 3 and 0 €10.70
    Match 2 and 1 €5.00


The German Lotto was first played in 1955 when it later joined the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB) upon its establishment in 1974. Cultivating a reputation for Germany’s most popular lottery game, it did so taking a simple, easy to understand approach to the lottery. The game has branded the quintessential German national lottery as a nine-tier prize game and has produced some impressive jackpot prizes at €5.

The most notable jackpot win ever came in December 2007 when a €45 million win was recorded, won by just three ticket holders. The biggest single grand jackpot win was awarded in October 2006 and consisted of an equally astounding €37,688,292!

Draws take place twice a week; every Wednesday at 17:25 GMT, as well as every Saturday at 18:25 GMT.


Lotto 6 aus 49 offers a guaranteed minimum mid-week jackpot prize of €1,000,000 as well as double that (€2,000,000) for the weekend lucky draws. In the event that draws have not produced a winner after its maximum rollover of 13, the jackpot will be forfeited by the top prize tier and will be balanced between players of the subsequent second prize tier.

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