Hunt Still On For Euromillions Winner | Don't Miss The Irish Lotto Draw!

Hunt Still On For Euromillions Winner | Don't Miss The Irish Lotto Draw!

The hunt is still on for the winner of the Euromillions €88,587,275 jackpot which was sold last Friday. The winning ticket was purchased in Ireland and although the winner's position as the victor is solid, the store is at which it was sold still yet to be notified.

Chief Executive of the National Lottery office, Dermot Griffin, says that the money will only be made available next week due to the eight countries involved in the Euro Lotto.

“It will take until next week until all of the money is transferred to Ireland, as there are another eight countries in the draw, so the money will come in next week.”

The Irish Lotto has had a winner of its own to end off a splendid year just before Christmas. On 3 December 2016, one lucky ticket holder won €11.5milllion which was a remarkable way to end off a fine year for Irish Lotto punters.

This figure became the second biggest Irish Lotto win in 2016, and topped the previous largest which was the €8.2 million prize won in Sligo in March. In third place was a €7.9 million jackpot which was claimed by a syndicate of four members from Wexford.

The next Irish Lotto draw takes place tomorrow evening, Wednesday at 20:00 GMT, whereas the next Euromillions will be held this evening at the same time. After the Friday night's massive €88 Million win, the Euromillions jackpot is now at €25,000,000. The Irish Lotto's jackpot will be offering €7,000,000 to the person who can correctly match all of the lucky numbers.

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Lottery Results

Rank Lottery Game Lucky Numbers Prize Lottery Draws
1US Powerball
€194,000,000Wednesday, Saturday @ 10:59 ET
2SuperEna Lotto
€82,000,000Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @ 20:00
€35,000,000Friday @ 21:00 CET
€25,000,000Tuesday, Friday @ 20:00 GMT
5Oz Lotto
€21,000,000Tuesday @ 23:30
6 Mega Millions
17 37 53 54 61 8
€14,000,000 Tuesday ,Friday @ 23:00 ET
7California Superlotto
€7,000,000Wednesday, Saturday @ 19:45
8Irish Lotto
€7,000,000Wednesday, Saturday @ 20:00 GMT
€3,000,000Wednesday, Saturday 20:00 GMT-3
10German Lotto
€1,000,000Wednesday @ 18:25, Saturday 19:25 CET
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