Weekend Lottery Results

Weekend Lottery Results

This weekend - like all others - was jam packed with lottery games and excitement and now is the time to look at all the weekend lottery results produced.

EuroJackpot Results

Although nobody became a EuroJackpot millionaire this Friday, the draw still wielded a solid prize of €531.211,90, which 5 people won from the second division after they matched 5 Numbers and 1 EuroNumber correctly. A further 8 matched 5 numbers correctly, which won them €60.165,90 from the third division, while 74 others pocketed €2.168,10 from the fourth division from a match of 4 Numbers and 2 EuroNumbers. This was the last of the big wins. Play EuroJackpot online and win big.

The winning Eurojackpot numbers were:

6 14 19 27 35 2 4

Euromillions Results

Also taking place on Friday, the Euromillions also had no new millionaires, yet the wins were still satisfying - as most wins are. No need to be disappointed though, the lack of a winner this past weekend means that the €72,762,689.40 jackpot has now rolled over to €79 million for this coming Tuesday.

A total of 4 winners took home €299,869.81 from a match of 5 numbers and 1 Star number from the first division. Another 4 won €69,843.09 from the third division - after a match of 5 - while, lastly, 45 others correctly matched 4 numbers and 2 Star numbers in the fourth division, winning €3,036.66. Play EuroMillions online and become a EuroMillionaire.

The winning Euromillions numbers were:

3 4 21 31 38 3 7

Mega Millions Results

No one managed to win the Mega Millions jackpot, but there was still a millionaire made this Friday, when 1 lucky person won $1,000,000 (€894,356.90) from a match of 3, from the second division. The last big win was $5,000 (€4,472.86) , which went to 22 individuals who matched 4 numbers and 1 Mega Ball. Play Mega Millions online now and win big.

The winning Mega Millions numbers were:

12 20 53 66 74 11

SuperEnaLotto Results

It was a very disappointing Saturday for the beloved Italian Lottery, the SuperEnaLotto, with only 9 individuals winning big (kind-of). These lucky few won €21,895.57 after matching 5 of the balls correctly.

While the SuperEnaLotto left many disappointed, the game is set to redeem itself tomorrow night - with an estimated jackpot of €62,700,000 up for grabs. Play SuperEnaLotto online and show them how it’s won.

The winning SuperEnaLotto numbers were:

2 18 20 23 30 75 26 41

US Powerball Results

Finally, there were newly made millionaires on Sunday, when 2 very lucky individuals won $1,321,159.65 (€1,181,893.79) from the second division, after matching 5 correct numbers. Furthermore, there was only 1 other big win, which came from the third division - 7 people walked off with $66,057.98 (€59,094.69) from a match of 4 Main numbers and a Power Ball. Luckily, more people stand to become millionaires in the next draw, as the US Powerball jackpot has rolled over to a whopping $646 million (€577,941,493)!!! Play US Powerball online and win that next jackpot!

The winning US Powerball numbers were:

10 22 32 36 58 10

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