The Eurojackpot Set To Break One Of Its Own Records

The Eurojackpot Set To Break One Of Its Own Records

The appeal of the game is that although it is often seen as the underdog, the Eurojackpot has a vicious bite when it comes to the sheer amount of truly astonishing jackpot wins over the years. Although the game sets its limits of rollover caps at €90 million, the number of times The Eurojackpot has flirted with that limit has been nothing short of cheeky. Historically that cap has been reached by one ticket holder from the Czech Republic 15 May 2015. That figure was most likely just one rollover away from being reached when a lucky German ticket holder recently laid claim to the €84 million jackpot prize on offer.

The record for the second highest jackpot on offer was briefly held up until Friday, 22 July at €69 million, and that after the previous prize of €58 million was also not claimed after nine consecutive rollovers.

The Eurojackpot Makes History...Again!

According to the lottery officials, the €84 million top tier grand-prize is the second largest in the Eurojackpot's history since over a year ago. Currently, it is not known who the fortuitous lottery winner is, however, due to the scale of the win, his or her name is set to be forever linked to the history books of one of the largest ever jackpot wins.

With the statistical probability of winning The Eurojackpot at 1 in 95 million, it is made all the more special that only one person managed to correctly match all of the required numbers draw. Those lucky Eurojackpot numbers were: 4-8-22-36-44, with the Euro Numbers of 5 and 10.

Get In On The Action!

Other than Germany, The Eurojackpot is played and enjoyed all over the continent, including 16 other jackpot-loving nations. The game typically sets to concentrate on producing regular winners instead of the world's biggest jackpots. This strategy, evidently, has made The Euromillions one of the world's most supported lottery games. The game is simple: The player chooses five main numbers from a selection of 50, and in addition, two Euro Numbers are required from a lot of ten numbers. However, the game is not limited to just Europe, so if you fancy your chances at becoming the next Eurojackpot champion, play the game with Draws take place once a week every Friday at 21:00 Central Eastern Time so stay updated with us for all the latest results and breakdowns!