Donegal Man Wins €250,000 In The Irish Lottery

Donegal Man Wins €250,000 In The Irish Lottery A mystery man who hails from the majestic town of Donegal had the perfect beginning to the new year that any Irish Lotto punter could ever hope for. Although he didn't take the top prize, he did

lay claim to the lottery's second highest prize worth a cool €250,000.

The Euro Lotto winning man from Donegal, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning ticket on a whim at the very end of 2016 on new year's eve. The lucky ticket holder described his actions as he was buying the ticket at the American House shop in Bundoran.

“I am a regular Lotto and EuroMillions player but I hadn’t planned on buying a ticket for the draw."

“I was in the shop buying my usual bits and pieces when my attention was drawn to the raffle tickets. It’s definitely one of my better impulse purchases.”

He continued to explain the moment he discovered that his impulse buy had just paid off big time.

“The morning after the draw, I was on Facebook and there was a lot of news about a big lotto win in the town.

“I didn’t take any notice of it and it was only when I heard the local radio station mention the Millionaire Raffle number that I remembered to check my ticket.

“As I had one of the last tickets, I knew my number was high. When I heard the number, I just knew.”

When the unknown winner arrived at the National Lottery headquarters in Dublin the following Thursday, he divulged some tidbits as to how he intended to spend his winnings.

“First thing first, I will be putting the cheque into the bank and paying off my mortgage."

“We will be taking the kids and their grandparents away on holiday so we can celebrate properly as a family. I might be the ticket holder but we all won as a family.”

The Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 GMT and players must surely be trying their hand at becoming the next millionaire.

The Irish Lotto lucky numbers are as follows:

8 12 13 16 19 24 15

The Irish Lotto Prize Division

The Irish Lotto Tiers Main Numbers Bonus Numbers
1st tier 6
2nd tier 5 1 Bonus Ball
3rd tier 5
4th tier 4 1 Bonus Ball
5th tier 4
6th tier 3 1 Bonus Ball
7th tier 3
8th tier 2 1 Bonus Ball