German Lotto (6AUS49)


The German Lotto takes a no frills, minimalistic approach to the lottery. First played in 1955, ironed out and renamed, the “German Lotto” in 1974, the game has since more than exceeded German expectations and is famous for its colossal pay-outs.

The Wednesday draw takes place at 17:25 GMT, while the weekend draw takes place on Saturday at 18:25 GMT. In true German fashion, streamlining of the smallest details are essential - as we’d expect from a country world renowned for its efficiency. Thanks in no small part to the classic 6/49 format, playing will take only a moment, giving you more time to anxiously wait for the next draw, and your chance at becoming the next recipient of one of the world’s biggest lottery games!


With the straightforward thinking of the creators of the German Lotto, the hassle-free process simply requires you to choose 6 numbers from a range of 49; and supplement this selection with a single bonus Superzahl number from a possible 9.

During each Lotto 6aus49 draw, the main numbers are drawn first. Another draw is conducted for the bonus Superzahl number and if your chosen numbers match up to all the numbers drawn, you win! It’s really that simple.

A partial number match up will also do good in placing you in one of the game’s nine prize tiers. Be sure to play your lucky numbers at least an hour prior to each German Lotto draw.


You need to be in it to win it - so with the German Lotto easier to play than ever, there are no excuses missing out!

Taking a no-nonsense approach to winning big, this game has created many instant millionaires – and all it takes for you to win big, is your lucky selection of 6 main & 1 bonus Superzahl number. The latest Lotto 6aus49 results will be made available below shortly after every draw.

There are a total of 9 prize tiers in which players are able to place, and depending on how many numbers you’ve successfully matched up, you could find yourself in one of the following prize tiers:

The 6aus49 Tiers Main Numbers Super Ball
1st tier 6 numbers + 1 Super Ball
2nd tier 6 numbers
3rd tier 5 numbers + 1 Super Ball
4th tier 5 numbers
5th tier 4 numbers + 1 Super Ball
6th tier4 numbers
7th tier 3 numbers + 1 Super Ball
8th tier 3 numbers
9th tier 2 numbers + 1 Super Ball

For more information on the latest results, prize breakdowns and draws, check out The German Lotto's results page!
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