One Rollover from Equaling the 2012 Record Breaking Jackpot Draw!

One Rollover from Equaling the 2012 Record Breaking Jackpot Draw!

This marks the tenth consecutive week without a Eurojackpot main prize winner and the atmosphere around the lottery suggests the game might just reach its previous highest rollover of €90 million. Currently standing at the second highest draw on offer in the game's history at an estimated €82 million, one almost hopes that we may see an eleventh rollover!

Five players did, however, manage to lay claim to prizes in excess of €417,000 each. The winners from Italy, Denmark, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Germany each matched five main numbers as well as one Euro number, only missing out on the jackpot prize of €70,5 million by a whisker!

There were four other winners from Finland, Norway, Germany and Denmark who all won €184,023 by matching the five main numbers, but missed out on the two Euro numbers. In addition, 926,926 settled for prizes ranging from €4,159 all the way down to just €8 by successfully matching four main numbers as well as both Euro numbers.

Friday's coming draw is guaranteed to keep likely victors flocking in from far and wide, testing their chances at becoming the next Eurojackpot successor! There is every chance that the next draw will give fruition to another €90 million landmark for only the second time in Eurojackpot's history since March 2012.

The winning numbers for the draw were as follows:

6 14 20 26 46 2 4

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