Mega Millions


Worldwide fame and international acclaim from punters alike do not come without its responsibility to impress, nor does it fall short in that area boasting yields of, as the name suggests, mega millions!  That is precisely what could potentially be in store for you when purchasing that winning ticket online. The Mega Millions game is all about winning, and winning big on Lottotime!

Mega Millions has stood up to and thrived in its meteoric rise as one of the biggest and best of the games.  As with all mega-jackpot international lottery events, Mega Millions is one of many that has its roots dug deeply in modest, yet unpretentious origins. First launched in 1996 as ‘The Big Game’ in the United States, it was played and enjoyed as such until its ultimate transition to the Mega Millions game in 2002… and that’s where the real fun began.  However, don’t be drawn in concluding synonyms with the word, “modest”, when dreaming of that new home, that yacht you’ve had your eye on, or finally being able to pay those expensive tuition fees - because with the obscene jackpots on offer, “humble” earnings is undoubtedly not how one would describe the current trend.

Mega Millions can be played every Tuesday and Friday, and in the theme of moving forward, you have the option of playing from the leisure of your home on your mobile device.


Purchasing a Mega Millions ticket is made easy with Lottotime.  Your main number selection will comprise of 5 numbers, selected from between 1-75; as well as a single bonus Mega ball, chosen from between 1-15.

In order to secure a chance at a guaranteed jackpot prize win, you will need to correctly match up all six (5+1) numbers – however, should you only manage to draft up a partial match, you still just might find yourself in one of the game’s nine prize tiers. More information on this can be found on our Mega Millions results page.

It should be noted that, as the bonus Mega ball gets drawn from a separate ball set, it’s perfectly possible that the Mega number could be identical to one of the main numbers drawn. 


Tired old idioms such as “you can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy the ticket” might very well be clichés, but few would venture to argue that there is anything “tired” in winning enough millions to clear the national debt of a small country! With the prospect of banking millions as motivation, Mega Millions is one of the most exciting lotteries in which to take part. Once you have your ticket for the Mega Millions and select your 5 main numbers and single bonus Mega number, the only thing you will have left to do is sit back and await the latest Mega Millions results – which will always be made available right here on Lottotime.

Participants in the game can look forward to bi-weekly draws; every Tuesday and Friday at 23h00 ET (Wednesday and Sunday at 04:00 GMT), with a total of nine prize tiers in which to place. Isn’t that great? Even a partial combination of the winning numbers could make your bank account swell considerably – and leave a huge grin on your face! Matching up all six numbers (5+1) will yield a jackpot win. Featured below is how the lower prize tiers are allocated:

The Mega Millions Tiers Main Numbers Mega Ball
1st tier 5 numbers + 1 Mega Ball
2nd tier 5 numbers
3rd tier 4 numbers + 1 Mega Ball
4th tier 4 numbers
5th tier 3 numbers + 1 Mega Ball
6th tier 3 numbers
7th tier 2 numbers + 1 Mega Ball
8th tier 1 numbers + 1 Mega Ball
9th tier
 1 Mega Ball
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