By all accounts, the game of Keno has its origins in China whereas legends go, the invention and widespread popularity of the original game was said to have sparked the capital to fund and build the Great Wall of China, as well as having saved an ancient city in time of war. Another unique feature of this game is that players have the freedom to to choose anywhere from just one number right up to ten from a possible 80 numbers.


Keno resembles the game of bingo in some ways with some unique rules of its own which puts this lottery game truly in a class of its own.

Your odds of matching the balls drawn from the pot will change depending largely on how many numbers you have chosen. The prizes depends on these two factors too. To play Keno, you will have to decide carefully how much you want to wager, as well as how many numbers to choose. A consolation prize is on offer as well in the game of Keno.

It is important to note the following:

  • Matching three numbers is a win if you have chosen six numbers, whereas choosing seven to ten numbers, simply matching three numbers will earn you nothing.
  • These two factors will determine your odds of winning as well as the size of the prize you are likely to win.


Prizes depend heavily on how many numbers you have played on a particular line, with the higher payouts reflecting more difficult matches including matching all of your chosen numbers from the amount of numbers drawn.

Your wager is the catalyst for multiplying prizes. This means that a $10 wager will reap 10 times more than that of a $1 wager, and so forth.

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