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Weekend Lottery Results
This weekend - like all others - was jam packed with lottery games and excitement and now is the time to look at all the weekend lottery results produced. EuroJackpot Results Although nobody became a EuroJackpot mil..
Weekend lottery results | 12-13 May
Although this was not one of the best weekends for lottery, there were still new millionaires, which just proves how lucky you could get on a bad weekend, not to mention a good one! Here’s a look back at this wee..
The Eurojackpot Set To Break One Of Its Own Records
The appeal of the game is that although it is often seen as the underdog, the Eurojackpot has a vicious bite when it comes to the sheer amount of truly astonishing jackpot wins over the years. Although the game sets ..
One Rollover from Equaling the 2012 Record Breaking Jackpot Draw!
This marks the tenth consecutive week without a Eurojackpot main prize winner and the atmosphere around the lottery suggests the game might just reach its previous highest rollover of €90 million. Currently standing ..
Big winners from around the globe!
There have been a fair amount of changes to one or two of the lottery games since 2012 and none more so than the addition of three more countries to one of Europe’s biggest games, EuroJackpot. The US Powerball has undert..
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