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Lottery Horoscope for July
It’s the beginning of July 2017, and this year is flying fast. Have you achieved much this year? How about win the lotto? Have you? Do you want to? Well, now you have an even bigger chance of winning thanks to our July..
Win the lottery using numerology
How to use numerology to win the lottery, you may ask? Well, when choosing their lottery numbers, most people use some form of superstition, very few just pick random numbers. Usually specific numbers associated with..
Weekend Lottery Results
This weekend - like all others - was jam packed with lottery games and excitement and now is the time to look at all the weekend lottery results produced. EuroJackpot Results Although nobody became a EuroJackpot mil..
US Powerball online guide
US Powerball Lottery, the biggest and most rewarding lottery game there is, is available for you to play online - when you want, where you want. To make your experience of playing the US Powerball online easier, we have ..
June lottery horoscope
Read our lottery horoscope for June and discover what numbers and on which days you ought to be playing. Open up your odds of winning huge prizes! If you were born on the..
Habits of Lucky People
There are no concrete answers as to why some people are seemingly lucky and others seemingly not, but there are certain habits that people deemed lucky seem to share. It seems like so-called lucky people are attracti..
Weekend lottery results | 12-13 May
Although this was not one of the best weekends for lottery, there were still new millionaires, which just proves how lucky you could get on a bad weekend, not to mention a good one! Here’s a look back at this wee..
Lucky Lottery Numbers
Every player has their own method of choosing their so-called lucky numbers, from sentimental dates to superstitions. But there is actually so much more to it. Some numbers are so overused thanks to superstitions because..
10 things to do with your lotto winnings
Just because you win millions from the lottery, doesn’t mean you will never have to worry about money again. On the contrary, now is the time to REALLY think about what you want to do with your money - and to take the ne..
Lottery success stories
The media loves drawing attention to unfortunate lottery stories and seem to ignore the successful ones. Well, we at Lottotime are going to tell you some of the most successful lottery stories and why YOU should be playi..
Lottery Horoscope - April 2017
Use these lottery horoscopes to maximise your chance of winning big!Borderline signsIf you were born on the cusp of a sign remember that the cusp changes yearly, even by as much as a day. For example: Someone born in the..
Man tries to claim lotto prize with damaged ticket
The winner of the Superlotto-plus $63 million Jackpot came forward at the last minute to claim his prize, but there was a big issue. His ticket was so badly damaged, it was almost impossible to make out anything on it...
Bonoloto Results | 27 March 2017
Last night’s Bonoloto draw had a jackpot of €290,000 up for grabs and a number of other delightful amounts punters were aiming for. Let’s take a look at last night’s Bonoloto results. One very fortunate player..
Expecting couple win $18 million Lotto prize
A couple from Otago are not only expecting their first child but have also won $18 million from the Powerball! The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, received an email on Sunday stating that they had won somet..
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