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Pub owner denies winning lotto prize
A publican who is rumoured to have won Wednesday’s €12.8 million Lotto has laughed off the claims. Liam Flynn, owner of the Black Forge Pub in Drimnagh, confirmed that he’d been getting calls asking if he had won, but..
19-year-old gives most of his lotto winnings to parents
Raising children in today’s day and age is not a simple task, especially since there are so many external factors influencing the youth as well. But sometimes - such as in the case of a 19-year-old lotto winner who g..
Lotto myths debunked
There are many myths surrounding the lottery that a number of people believe, some going so far as to avoid playing JUST because of these untrue “facts”. We at Lottotime are ready to debunk these myths and have you pla..
Secrets lotto winners don’t want you to know
There is no denying that your life changes forever once you win the lottery – and it is up to you as to whether the changes that occur are good or bad. We at Lottotime have compiled a list of the top secrets lotto wi..
Lotto winner Jane Parks is dating X Factor singer Sam Callahan
Lotto winner Jane Park, who is also known as the “lotto moaner” for complaining that winning £1 million at 17 ruined her life, has started dating former X Factor singer Sam Callahan after starting a romance over social m..
Top 5 ways to improve your chances of winning the lotto
Winning isn’t always just about luck. There are actually quite a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning the lotto - the power lies in your hands. Although believing in luck and fate may take some press..
Lottery lawyer saves winners millions
Many lottery winners end up bankrupt thanks to greed or even just bad choices. So before you go out blowing all your cash or making dodgy investments, read on and learn about the lottery lawyer you should meet. The lo..
Syndicate comes forward to claim €12.9m Lotto jackpot
The winners of the €12.9m Lotto jackpot prize from Dublin have finally come forward to claim Wednesday’s Lotto jackpot. The syndicate contacted National Lottery headquarters on Thursday. It is still unknown whethe..
Dublin woman vows to help homeless
After winning the lotto, one Dublin woman has vowed to do her bit to help the homeless with her €500,000 DailyMillion Plus prize win as she picked up her cheque at Lotto HQ on Tuesday. "This win is for all of those pe..
Euromillions Special - the El Millón raffle!
If you have never played the Euromillions before, now is the time to start. The popular European lottery is having a special El Millón raffle tomorrow, on 24 February, and you need to get in there to win. ..
Time running out for £50,000 lotto ticket bought in Birmingham
There is an unclaimed Lotto Millionaire Raffle ticket worth £50,000 in Birmingham, could you be the owner? Check your ticket to make sure! Time is running out for the ticket holder to come forward and claim their priz..
Lotto winner plans to change lives after big win
After winning more than €200,000 in the Lotto, a man from Limerick plans to “divide the win among family and friends”. The player, who wishes to keep his €209,241 win private, collected his winnings from Lotto HQ in Dubl..
Popular YouTubers fined for illegal gambling activities
Popular YouTubers Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby have been issued with huge fines after admitting that they took part in illegal gambling activities. Both recently pleaded guilty to running an illegal betting website tha..
David Walsh wins case against stepmother over lotto winnings
David Walsh, who sued his stepmother for a share in a Lotto jackpot he was part of has won his case and will walk away with £480,000 - a one-sixth share of the £2.9million Lotto win. Walsh took his case to the High Co..
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