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Astonishing Lottery Stories From All Over The Globe!
For those lucky few who have won the lottery, it was most likely the quintessential life-changing event of their entire lives. It doesn't always work out for the better, however, they are truly fascinating stories. T..
€29 Million Jackpot Up For Grabs:  The Winning Numbers For The Euromillions Draw
With an estimated EuroMillions jackpot of around €29 million or approximately £24,7 million, the excitement buzzing around Europe's biggest lottery game is almost tangible. According to Camelot, Tuesday's draw bared no f..
Lottery Winner Squanders Opportunity In Drug Trafficking
There are many stories of people who have found themselves to be one of the few lucky winners of jackpots, but who have squandered their earnings on a flashy lifestyle and foolish decision making. However, when it co..
Estranged son gets nothing from EuroMillions winner mum

The estranged son of Sonia Davies, a woman who won £61million on the Euromillions, says he doesn't know whether he will receive a portion of the jackpot prize.

Woman Beats The Odds - Twice!
A victorious cancer survivor has tilted life's odds in her favour once again and has won £61 million. Sonia Davies was diagnosed and treated for a tumour found on her Parathyroid gland. After a successful operation, sh..
Unknown Heir Claims The Euromillions £61 Million Jackpot
United Kingdom Jackpot Hat-trickIt would seem that Friday night's £61 million Euromillions draw has produced its winner. As yet, the winner is likely to remain anonymous, but a spokesman for the National Lottery had this..
The Eurojackpot Set To Break One Of Its Own Records
The appeal of the game is that although it is often seen as the underdog, the Eurojackpot has a vicious bite when it comes to the sheer amount of truly astonishing jackpot wins over the years. Although the game sets ..
The USA's Fifth Largest Jackpot produces a winner
Sole Ticket Holder Likely to be Only Heir to the Jackpot According to the lottery officials, although more jackpot ticket holders are expected to come forward, only one USA Powerball ticket from New Hampshire, so far,..
8th Biggest Lottery Jackpot in USA History
Twenty-three rollovers later - $478 million The USA Powerball grand prize is now currently standing at $478 million after yet another rollover. Wednesday’s draw produced no jackpot winner and officials say that th..
What to do when you win the Lotto
Most people dream about what they’ll do with their money if they ever happen to win the lotto, but nobody ever thinks about what they SHOULD do. According to the Reader’s Digest, about 70% of lotto winners lose their m..
One Rollover from Equaling the 2012 Record Breaking Jackpot Draw!
This marks the tenth consecutive week without a Eurojackpot main prize winner and the atmosphere around the lottery suggests the game might just reach its previous highest rollover of €90 million. Currently standing ..
Mega Millions Jackpot now at $20 million!
The Mega Millions draw held on Friday, July 15, bore no fruit as there were no jackpot winners for the $20 million. In fact, nobody took home any prizes worth more than a meagre $10,000. This isn’t very bad news at all c..
Missing $1million USA Powerball prize winner
Allentown was the latest destination for the next Powerball win with the lucky ticket holder taking home a cool $1 million for the Saturday, 16 July draw. The ticket was purchased in Lehigh County at Weis Markets on R..
Big winners from around the globe!
There have been a fair amount of changes to one or two of the lottery games since 2012 and none more so than the addition of three more countries to one of Europe’s biggest games, EuroJackpot. The US Powerball has undert..
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