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Couple Wins €7.3million In The Irish Lotto | Syndicate Bag's €2,3 Million
An Irish couple have admitted that they had no idea of their win until two weeks after their purchase. The Irish Lotto ticket, which was sold to them in SuperValu in the Irish Capital, was worth a staggering €7.3million!..
The Youngest Ever Lottery Winners In History
They often say that "youth is wasted on the young." Never has truer words been spoken when describing just how wasteful young lottery winners can be. To be fair, they can't be expected to have the financial acumen of Ala..
Euro Lotto Tips For Jackpot Winners | Plan For A Long Happy Life

Fans of the Euro Lotto will be looking forward to the next draw in the hope that they will become the next millionaire. The Irish Lotto is now at €5,500,000 after its seventh draw, Euro Jackpot is at a steady €10,000,000 and the Euromillions is currently boasting a €17,000,000 top-tier prize.

What Are The World's Biggest Ever Lottery Wins? | World Lottery Leaderboard

This week is set to set the tongues of avid lottery players wagging. Currently, the SuperEna Lotto is and the US Powerball are leading the pack for the biggest top-tier prize on offer.

Euro Lotto Round-up | Tips To Improve Your Odds

Avid fans of the Euro Lotto can afford to dream in a big way with their current jackpots on offer this week. Firm favourites, the Euromillions and Euro Jackpot are two lottery games which will be sure to attract the attention of keen players from all over the world. With each game boasting mega winnings of €17,000,000 and €10,000,000, its no surprise why.

The Lottery's Most Notorious Serial Winner | Aus Lotto's Public Enemy Number One

Millions of people play the lottery all over the world and no matter which country they're playing in, the odds are all accepted worldwide as being stacked heavily against the individual. So why do we play?

 Multiple Jackpot Winners | Meet The Lotto's Luckiest Players
Most people play the lotto every week of their lives but never win. It is of little wonder then that we look upon those who have won with a little envy. Then there are those who have won the lottery on more than one occa..
How To Stay Grounded After Winning The Lottery | PLUS: Lottery Round-Up
Many of us can only access our most basic imaginative recourses when it comes to trying to fancy a life of a millionaire. Even when we do try to imagine the trappings of success, we tend to only fantasise about the most ..
Half A Million In Cash Won By Irish Lotto Player
Although there were no winners for the last National Lottery draw, one man finally came forward to claim his half a million Euro prize for the previous draw. The National Lottery Office in Dublin was met by an Irish win..
Irish Lotto Winner Collects Prize In Emoji Masks | Irish Lotto Results
Workers at the Irish National Lottery were in for a surprise when a Euromillions winner walked in, accompanied by his two best friends, to collect his prize. The winner, who went to hilarious lengths to protect his ident..
Store Clerk Wins $10,000 Lottery | Lottery Round-Up
Denise Hill, an avid lottery player has recently won $10,000. Although she was only one of 72 other winners within her winning tier, she was admittedly in a state of disbelief. According to the 56-year-old, she was worki..
Lucky Lottery Winner Says That Her Dead Father Sent Her A Sign That Good Times Would Come
Susan Crossland, who recently won £1.2 Million in the National Lottery, attributed her luck to her dad who had passed away in 2006. According to the 44-year-old, she played the very same lottery numbers that her father a..
This Week's Lottery Round-Up
The SuperEna Lotto is set to lead in terms of jackpot size for yet another week running. Another week has elapsed without the Spanish Lotto giants producing a top-tier winner. This brings its current tally up from last..
Lottery Round-Up | All The Latest Lucky Numbers
The US Powerball draw is nearing the weekend draw and players will be dreaming of bagging the enormous €62,000,000 jackpot on offer. One man in particular knows exactly how it feels to be on the winning end of just such ..
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