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Cavan Family Win €4,5 Million Jackpot In Irish Lottery On Christmas Morning | Lottery Results
Many players who try their hand at the lotto know the odds of playing their favourite lottery. However, the chances of discovering that you have the winning ticket on the morning of Christmas the unlikeliest event to eve..
Mega Millions Jackpot Now At An Estimated €165 Million | Lottery Results
After yet another weekend without a grand prize winner, the Mega Millions jackpot prize has now risen from €151 Million to €165 Million after Friday night's draw. The stage seemed set for one of the biggest jackpots in ..
All The Latest Lottery Results | Irish Lotto | Euromillions | Powerball
As we draw closer to the weekend, it is perhaps necessary to look at the draws set to take place over the next two days. The ever popular Irish Lotto is currently offering a cool estimated jackpot of €5,500,000 and has n..
Irish Lotto Results
An Irish Lotto Syndicate of 13 recently claimed the massive €250,000 prize, and this just a little after Christmas. The Syndicate collected their winnings on Friday 13th after the joyous group of receptionists discovere..
Former Irish Lotto Winner Faces Massive Losses in US Property Market | Lottery Results
The family of record-breaking Irish Lotto winner, Dolores McNamara, and Eddie Hobbs, former director for Brendan Investments, have until 2nd February 2017 to challenge the city of Detroit for the seizure of many home inv..
Mega Millions Jackpot Rises an Estimated €151,000,000 | PLUS: Lottery Results
Keen players of both the Euromillions and the Mega Millions rushed to try their hand at becoming the next millionaire last night during the Tuesday draws. Before the draw, both lotteries were offering the highest jackpo..
Don't Miss The Mega Millions And Euromillions Draws Tonight | Lottery Results
Fans of two of the world's most popular lottery games, the Euromillions as well as the Mega Millions will be anxiously awaiting the draws for tonight's games. While Europe's biggest lottery game, the Euromillions, is cur..
Irish Lotto Player Vows To Donate To Charity | Irish Lotto Results
One lucky Irish Lotto player received a well-timed Christmas gift when he became the unsuspecting recipient of a much welcomed €472,548 prize. The elated ticket holder, who purchased his ticket at the Hillside Service St..
Donegal Man Wins €250,000 In The Irish Lottery
A mystery man who hails from the majestic town of Donegal had the perfect beginning to the new year that any Irish Lotto punter could ever hope for. Although he didn't take the top prize, he didlay claim to the lottery's..
Dutch Local Wins Euro Jackpot | PLUS: Lottery Results
According to Dutch publicists, the massive €90 million Euro Jackpot prize has finally been won! Although the jackpot was won by five ticket holders, all of them unknown at this point, one of those lucky winners is a nat..
Lottery Winner Nearly Throws Away Winnings
A couple nearly threw away their chance at winning £66,000 over the new year, literally! A Liverpudlian mother of two, Joanne Joynson only just managed to salvage her chances at winning the massive windfall after initial..
Evolution Of The Irish Lotto | How Has It Become The Euro Lotto Giant That It Is Today?

The Irish Lotto is played by millions especially with the advent of the Euromillions. However, understanding the origins of Ireland's most popular lottery might go a long way to appreciating just what a strong hold it has on its most avid fans.

Mega Millions | Biggest Jackpot On Offer
A little over a week ago, the US Powerball was top of the jackpot charts with the highest grand prize on offer. That lucky ticket holder became the sole heir to a massive €113,000,000 ($121 million) windfall ultimately r..
This Week's Top Ten Biggest Lottery Jackpots
Have you ever wanted to know which lottery games offered the biggest jackpots in concise detail? Well, Lottotime serves to make your lives that much easier. Below is a table which features the biggest and most popular lo..
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