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Weekend Lottery Results
This weekend - like all others - was jam packed with lottery games and excitement and now is the time to look at all the weekend lottery results produced. EuroJackpot Results Although nobody became a EuroJackpot mil..
US Powerball online guide
US Powerball Lottery, the biggest and most rewarding lottery game there is, is available for you to play online - when you want, where you want. To make your experience of playing the US Powerball online easier, we have ..
Weekend lottery results | 12-13 May
Although this was not one of the best weekends for lottery, there were still new millionaires, which just proves how lucky you could get on a bad weekend, not to mention a good one! Here’s a look back at this wee..
Expecting couple win $18 million Lotto prize
A couple from Otago are not only expecting their first child but have also won $18 million from the Powerball! The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, received an email on Sunday stating that they had won somet..
All The Latest Lottery Results
This past week seemed to have been yet another to pass without any major lottery winners. However, over the past few days, we have been almost inundated with massive wins. Lottotime's Top Ten Biggest Jackpots are almost ..
The Best Advice To Lottery Winners | PLUS: Lotto Results

All across the board, it seems that none of the top lotteries have produced a winner this weekend. That means one thing - rollovers! This has resulted in some of the biggest potential jackpots seen in recent weeks. The biggest of which is that of the US Powerball which is currently boasting a massive windfall of €212,000,000 ($236 Million).

All The Latest Lottery Results | Irish Lotto | Euromillions | Powerball
As we draw closer to the weekend, it is perhaps necessary to look at the draws set to take place over the next two days. The ever popular Irish Lotto is currently offering a cool estimated jackpot of €5,500,000 and has n..
Don't Miss The Mega Millions And Euromillions Draws Tonight | Lottery Results
Fans of two of the world's most popular lottery games, the Euromillions as well as the Mega Millions will be anxiously awaiting the draws for tonight's games. While Europe's biggest lottery game, the Euromillions, is cur..
Dutch Local Wins Euro Jackpot | PLUS: Lottery Results
According to Dutch publicists, the massive €90 million Euro Jackpot prize has finally been won! Although the jackpot was won by five ticket holders, all of them unknown at this point, one of those lucky winners is a nat..
Mega Millions | Biggest Jackpot On Offer
A little over a week ago, the US Powerball was top of the jackpot charts with the highest grand prize on offer. That lucky ticket holder became the sole heir to a massive €113,000,000 ($121 million) windfall ultimately r..
US Powerball Winner Claims $421 million jackpot | PLUS: Irish Lotto Results
This weekend has seen US Powerball finally end its rollovers and produced its first winner in a number of weeks. One lucky winner claimed the $421 million jackpot prize which was one of the largest in the game's history...
Formula for winning the lotto
Winning the lottery may seem impossible, but as has been proven time and again - it’s not, all you have to do is take a chance. Here we give you tips to improve your chances of winning by using a tried and tested formula..
Trains, Planes And Automobiles - Railway Guard Wins £2,5 Million
Lottery jackpot winners are often advised to take some time out and think very carefully about how to go about investing their newly acquired wealth. It's not uncommon for them to delay cashing in their prize while the..
Astonishing Lottery Stories From All Over The Globe!
For those lucky few who have won the lottery, it was most likely the quintessential life-changing event of their entire lives. It doesn't always work out for the better, however, they are truly fascinating stories. T..
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